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One dumb move, can blow your groove

Dec. 16th, 2003 | 01:32 pm


I've got video, audio, photos and lyrics, all here:


Do any of you children of the '80s remember an anti-substance abuse PSA called "One Dumb Move"? The whole video was centered around a rap song of the same name. It ran on TV somewhere around 1985-1988.

My fifth grade teachers had an actual record of the song (no doubt supplied by the government, or ABC television, or whoever was behind "just saying no" at the time)...

(EDIT: According to this article, the song came out in 1985, and 50,000 records were distributed by the New York State Health Department.)

... and they made us listen to it every afternoon. I still remember some of the lyrics to this day. Apparently I'm the only one, as a Google search for "One dumb move" + "Blow your groove" returns no hits.

Anyway, here's the lyrics I still remember:

(EDIT: I cut my remembered version in favor of the better version below.)

Update 03-22-10: An anonymous poster has found a newspaper article that proves the existence of this song, and provides some of the lyrics.

For the record, and for future Googlists trying to unravel this mystery, below is what I believe to be the most accurate and complete version of the lyrics, which I have pieced together like a dinosaur skeleton from the unearthed contributions of those below.

If you have any information on how to find an audio/video recording of this song, PLEASE post it below. We're getting close, people, I can feel it!

"One Dumb Move"
by Professor of the Rap, Gary Byrd

I didn't come here today to try and tell you,
about the ABCs or 2+2,
I'm Professor of the Rap and I came to your school,
'cause I don't want to see you be a fool.

One dumb move... (Drugs! Alcohol!)
One dumb move, can blow your groove.

Alcohol may cause you no alarm,
Until you wake up and find that you are harmed.
You may laugh and think cigarettes are a joke,
but is it worth bad breath and health to smoke?

When you check out the score in drug abuse,
what you find is a game you can only lose.
It will soon be 1999,
and some of you may never use your minds.

Break, spin and rock but do not fall
under the threat of drugs, smokes or alcohol.

One dumb move....
One dumb move...

So think for yourself and rise to the top,
'cause when you're fresh you know you can't be stopped by...


Here's more background info, taken from this PDF file:

Statewide Campaign

To combat the problems identified
by the survey, the New York State
Health Department has launched a
statewide educational campaign that
includes television public service
announcements patterned after typical
music video programming.

A 1-minute video prepared for the campaign
stars Gary Byrd, an international multimedia
performer and recording artist. Byrd
created an original "rap" tune for the
video called "One Dumb Move," warning
teenagers against cigarettes,
drugs, and alcohol. (The refrain: "One
dumb move can blow your groove!")

Television stations throughout the
State have agreed to broadcast the
spots 2,783 times, representing nearly
$675,000 in donated air time. Radio
stations are also playing the song and
are conducting special promotional
giveaways of the 50,000 "One Dumb
Move" records the health department
has released.

This spring moviegoers will have a chance
to see the spot when it is shown with
certain targeted feature films. In
addition, plans are under way to use
the campaign as the foundation for a
school-based program.

Health Education Promotion Services Group,
New York State Health Department,
Albany, NY 12237.

While they're not "One Dumb Move," I did find some of my other favorite PSAs from the same era...

Right to Say No:

Cigarette Mash:

We're Not Candy:

Bugs Bunny Burn Safety:
("I just wait for a child to grab my handle, and bwahahahahahaha!")

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